Manuel Hachenburger informs: Do these become, Hartz IV and ALG II receivers by the state deceived?

The Hartz IV and ALG II rate became, to 01 July 2009, increased from 351 euros to 359 euros! This is not so correct: "The additional costs got in the flat rate are according to instructions of the BMAS of 18 May 2009 to decrease the national rate with 1.89%"!

These are uniformly 6.79 euros at a rent of approx. 300 euros. You got 8 euros more and the state gives you only 1.21 euros.

There is no compensation for your telephone and Internet costs. These, amount to euros per month at a flat rate approx. 40 - 45. The current is not paid either, this costs approx. 50 euros in the month. This is a violation of the man dignity (article 1 constitution) and a violation of the inviolability of the flat article 13 constitution.

Which activities are regarded as reasonable? (Sound Code of Social Law everyone)

Therefore this one, 1 euro jobs, unpaid traineeships, unpaid further educations or even contracts with temporary work companies, these according to the contracts, you closed with the Christian trade unions or the APM rate.

Not everything right: This is paragraph 3 is regulated clearly forced labour permitted after article 12 an, of the constitution (the liberty of the choice of occupation and the service and conscription) as per article 12 only on a judicial order.

According to the general equality law any discrimination is forbidden. By the Berlin district court it entered a judgement, this the Christian trade unions are amplifier rate, not rate capable with this! This is, (said all the contracts of employment are invalid 2009) become it since 01 April but of the companies of additional contracts with employees closed.
(File number: 35 BV 17008/08)

What does it look like with further education measures?

It does not play a role as her application documents were well! Every training provider becomes your curriculum vitae and this charge change. The training providers are engaged of the terrible or get education vouchers.

Every training provider must work economically and can not be interested to arrange the customers fast.

It only is for a large part of the training providers all about profit. Mostly, you do not know the norm DIN 5008. A norm gives it is the curriculum vitae for charging only in form of a business letter devoid of shape bar. They pay attention to a good photo and they mention the last activity first. It definitely, being able, to be this worsen, your chances, on the labour market, through this!

Only few training providers are checked. As a rule, 75% of the training providers last not to the legal prescriptions. It always is for you all about the profit maximization. Why application, rate the PC become - mail application shut by the training provider E in one for one? Search lasting several hours, no electronic application is Internet and it in it is possible with the computer!

The work in the further education measure

The participants carry out work in some rates. A payment does not take place. You get a refund of her travel costs. Is here provided that there is no wage agreement of one's own must paid according to rate, regulated also clearly, is. The participants, do not get money, the training provider, gains profit and saves, himself the welfare, contributions which the pension for the participants would increase.

Again, a clear violation, of the general equality law "same wage for the same work"! It has to be advised to all persons affected against this discrimination to complain for the competent industrial tribunal!

It activities are here, executed which could be appointed to regular workers. Through this standard wages are infiltrated and workplaces destroyed. Works for free, however, the training provider asks money of the customers!

It is, another, impertinence, that the banks, were reorganized, with billions at taxes! Loans with only 1% interest get but the overdraft facility interest unchanged stays with 10 - 18 %. There hardly are loans for unemployed and whom there to a very high interest. Also here you think only to the profit.

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