Dubai Court of the First Instance update. Reference: RICHARD R. COX; HERMANN C. SEILER; K. K. JAJODIA

The Dubai Court of the first Instance published the second notice of summons in a local gazette concerning Case No 342/2012 a claim filed by Mr. Allen Kemp against Mr. Hermann Seiler, Mr. Richard Cox and Mr. K.K. Jajodia wherein the defendants Cox and Jajodia are summoned to attend the court in person or in proxy on September 12, 2012.

Mr. Seiler answered the Court through his representative at the previous court hearing on Wednesday, 18/07/2012 and is expected to attend the court hearing on September 12, 2012 either in person or in proxy to respond to the claim.

The claimant Allen Kemp named Hermann Seiler, Richard Cox, and K.K. Jajodia as respondents; in brief the statement of claim relates breach of contract, breach of non-circumvention non-disclosure agreement, the diversion of business in relation to funds facilitated by the Abu Dhabi Royal Family and all business stemming from such breaches. Allen Kemp is represented by Mr. Salem Abdull Sultan Ali AlHammadi who was mandated by Mr. Jonathon Davidson of Davidson & Co Legal Consultants Dubai on behalf of his client Mr. Kemp.

Updates and information will be forthcoming.