The 2010 German Congress on Media : Deutscher Medienkongress 2010 : A Report

From January 19th to January 20th, 2010 took place in Frankfurt am Main the German Congress on Media. On Tuesday 19th, it was all about:
Revolution 2.0: How the network culture changes society. An exposé from Prof. Dr. Peter Kruse, chairman of Nextpractice GmbH.

The future of Media: The American Perspective.
The Changing American Media Landscape and the International Consequences. An exposé from Norman Pearlstine: Bloomberg L.P. Chief Content Officer.

Part I)

How does the future of communication look in the eye of the deciders of the Media World?

The future of Media:
Is the future of communication in social networks?
How will tomorrow's Media World be changed?

An exposé from Dr Stephan Groß-Selbeck: Xing AG CEO.

The future of Media: What will areas influenced by tomorrow's communication be?
What do clients expect from their communication and Media field partners?

A discussion with:

Gerhard Berssenbügge: President of Nestlé Deutschland AG Management committee.
Thomas Ebeling : ProsiebenSat. 1 Media AG CEO.
Dr Peter Figge: Agency Man of the Year 2008.
Joachim Hunold: Air Berlin CEO.


The Future of Media: TV - Digitalization: A Driving Force in Economic Growth.

Challenges of the Media Market: 2010 and afterwards. An exposé from Thomas Ebeling: ProsiebenSat. 1 Media AG CEO.

Media Planning 2010 / 2011: What works and why? An Exposé from Jürgen Blomenkamp: Group M Germany CEO.

Tomorrow's TV: The Fight for The TV Viewers'Living Room Had Just Begun!

A discussion with:

Uwe Becker: Unilever Deutschland GmbH Media Director for the following region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland. Uwe Becker is also the President of the German Advertisers Association.

Jürgen Blomenkamp: Group M Germany CEO.

Jan Kühl: EL CARTEL MEDIA GmbH & Co. KG Chief Executive Officer.

Lothar Korn: AUDI AG Marketing & Communication Director.

Barbara Lutz: Management of Segment Communication / Private customers for Commerzbank AG.

Martin Krapf : IP Deutschland GmbH Manager.

Jan Wendt: MMH MediaManagementHamburg GmbH & Co. Kg Manager.

Part III: The Future of Media: Print: Reaching out to New Shores.

Challenges for Print in an Era that goes for Digitalization. An Exposé from Andreas Schoo: Bauer Media Group Manager.

Print goes Digital: Print Perspectives in a Mew Media Environment. A discussion with:

Christian Nienhaus : WAZ Mediengruppe Manager.

Ove Saffe: SPIEGEL-Verlag Rudolf Augstein GmbH & Co Manager.

Susanne Kunz: Procter & Gamble Germany Media & Communications Director for the following region: Germany, Austria, Switzerland.

Anders Sundt Jensen: Marketing Communication Manager for Mercedes-Benz Cars, Daimler AG.

Waltraut von Mengden: MVG Medien Verlagsgesellschaft mbH & Co Manager.

Volker Selle : Publicis Frankfurt CEO.

Boris Schramm: Managing Director Print for Group M: Radio and Media Cooperations.

Economic Press on the wane: How Do Publishers want to make it successfully in the turning point year of 2010?

A discussion between:

Prof. Mag. Michael Grabner from Michael Grabner Media and Jürgen Scharrer, an editor-in-chief for the German magazine Horizont.

Globalization, Worldwide Financial Crisis, Sustainability, Communication: Let's Talk about the role of the Media.

An Exposé from Prof. Dr. Dr. Franz Josef Radermacher: Professor in the field of Informatics at the Ulm University, (...).

This first day of the German Congress on Media was very interesting like the second one, and the conviviality of the atmosphere and of everyone involved and participating is really something to remember.

A Report from Teddy Crispin: Journalist, multimedia author, (…).


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