Measuring suffices – The doctor receives the results automatically

Lübeck/Munich, 15 October 2008

It is now only one step from the patient’s measuring instrument to the doctor’s monitoring system: On 15 October 2008 Aipermon und Amedon entered into a co-operation agreement. With the combination of their medical technology systems the monitoring of vital signs from the measuring equipment to the final provision of data has now become fully automated. The new integrated system can be applied in telemedicine as well as in clinical studies. The objective of this co-operation is to create simple and clear processes which encourage acceptance and also reduce costs.

Data relating to blood pressure, weight, ECG or physical activity is recorded at the patient’s home and at the same moment is made available to the supervising doctor. The transfer, evaluation and provision of data occur automatically. The doctor can access data online, evaluate the condition of the patient and take any necessary action if necessary. The fully integrated system provides a consistent and complete process chain for vital signs. In order to achieve this both Aipermon und Amedon entered into an agreement on 15 October 2008.

Aipermon develops, produces and distributes telemedical systems which record and transfer vital sign data. The telemedical platform establishes a connection to medical instruments such as blood pressure monitors or scales, electronic patient’s records as well as customer-specific databases. In this way the measured readings of the patient are transferred directly from home to a database. Areas of application include medical care programmes for chronic diseases, weight loss, rehabilitation, assisted living facilities, prevention programmes and clinical research.
In addition Aipermon develops and markets activity monitoring systems, consisting of an activity sensor and measuring equipment as well as software. The system can be used to increase fitness and to optimize weight. Direct feedback occurs via a display, allowing remote support by linking into a telemedicine solution or via an on-line portal.

Amedon is a specialist in the development and marketing of web-based solutions for data acquisition and the evaluation of newly-developed drugs as well as telemedicine applications. For this AMEDON offers, amongst other things, a customer-specific electronic Case Report Form (eCRF). The essential feature of these products is the decentralized input of data and centralized data acquisition and collection via the Internet. In particular, direct data input via measuring equipment and data acquisition systems illustrate the innovative energy and unique character of the company. Clients are provided with individual system solutions which are specifically tailored to meet all their needs thus providing maximum customer value. Thanks to standard Internet solutions no special software is required.


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